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meet the breathe team.
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Jamie Cole
co-founder + chief breather

Jamie Cole has spent her career engaging with businesses and people in an effort to help them thrive.  Focusing on purpose and positive, effective engagement are Jamie's sweet spots. 


Jamie brings 20+ years of experience across diverse organizations including retail grocery, wellness, pharmaceuticals, CPG, sports marketing and residential summer camps. 

Most recently, Jamie purchased Skin Deep (providing beauty skin deep and beyond) medical spa in Strongsville, Ohio, where she is focussed on helping people feel their best selves.


Jamie owned and ran Camp Robin Hood for 11 years in partnership with her husband David, and his camp buddy Richard Woodstein ("Woody"). Jamie rebranded the camp, integrated a backend software solution, led operations and all communications, and together with her partners, more than doubled the camper attendance in her tenure from 198 campers to over 440 campers.


Jamie's greatest legacy at camp was creating breathe - a women's health retreat - to bring dynamic women together to enjoy a beautiful setting, with delicious food, fun activities and meaningful conversation. Jamie believes women's connections with each other offers critical nourishment for the soul.

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Lynne Tapper
co-founder + chief activity coach

As a lifelong endurance athlete with the dual goal of training and racing until her bones turn to dust, Lynne relishes sharing that passion with everyone she meets.  Lynne has spent over three decades learning about training, recovery, and nutrition.


This zeal and dedication manifested itself in almost every professional endeavor from the Women’s Sports Foundation, ABC Sports and ESPN and Oxygen Media.  More recently, Lynne shared her passion for triathlons as a coach and co-founder of Team Training New England, a regional triathlon training program for beginners.  Later, Lynne became the co-founder of Imagine Float, a boutique floatation and wellness center offering float therapy, cryotherapy, infrared sauna, compression therapy and other recovery and wellness modalities.


Through it all, Lynne has used her unique skills of organization and the ability to see the big picture to help bring a project or passion to completion.  With breathe, Lynne has enjoyed the opportunity to bring a group of women together over a long-weekend to eat, ride, hike and play.  The connections made have transcended over the years which is the greatest validation of this special retreat.


Listen to the podcast episode:
Being the Best Version of Yourself

​Jamie Cole, joins Kristine to talk about becoming our best selves in mid-life. Refreshingly open and honest, Jamie reveals how she learned to trust her instincts in business to breathe into new possibilities at every stage of life. 


Kristine Carlson
Live Your Legacy moderator

Kristine is a survivor. A widow. A mother. A grandmother. A wife. A writer and bestselling author, many times over. An empathic mentor for people navigating that exceptionally urgent and poignant time known as middle age. An inspirational speaker and guide for all who desire to practice happiness, live authentically and connect with their most vibrant selves.

Major life changes and transitions can knock us down and make us forget our own strength, and who we truly are at heart and soul. We don’t sweat the small stuff when we are living the big stuff. Kris Carlson’s mission is to help women reclaim their identity and live their next chapter  with renewed joy, gratitude, and purpose in the midst of life-altering change. Whatever you’re going through right now, know that she is here for you—to encourage, love, and walk alongside you during this profound and transformative journey as you rediscover who you are now . . .  As you awaken to your highest self.

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Watch the Wishbeads podcast episode: 
Jamie Cole on Thriving

Here I interview Jamie Cole who is a seasoned expert at helping businesses and people thrive with purpose and positivity and how she made one of MY WISHES come true!


Alexa Fischer
chief wisher

Alexa Fischer is a teacher, author, and entrepreneur whose work shares the common goal of helping people go after their dreams, build their confidence, and break free from fear.


From CEOs and non-profit organizations to those with big ideas but no plan in place, she finds most often that their greatest untapped resource is their own light. Her teaching centers on how to access that light practically and daily, and how to create real change from within. With over 200K online students for her confidence courses and clients from top companies such as Trader Joe's, IBM, Sony, Google, and her work helps people shine.

She’s also the creator of the goal-setting, wish-granting jewelry company Wishbeads and the author of the book Wishwork. Her company has a mission: to inspire millions of people to make exciting wishes, take action, put in the work, and make those wishes come true. Wishbeads have been featured on The View, Good Morning America, OWN, and in boutiques around the country. 

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