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Need help with something?
Look no further than our breathe resource directory
for what the fabulous women from breathe can offer. 

personal & professional coaching


Peggy Gries Wager
PGW Consulting LLC

Do you feel stuck or just not living to your full potential? A nationally-certified BCC coach, PGW Consulting guides C-suite executives, non-profit leaders, and individuals through an intentional change process. Peggy's coaching allows leaders to develop greater self-awareness and confidence, take new exploration, and create their ideal life by addressing self- limitations and making behavior changes. PGW Consulting coaches for the Weatherhead School of Management at CWRU as well as directly with clients.

Sindy Warren
Blue Tree Coaching

Sindy Warren is a life and business coach who works with clients to create powerful results in their professional and personal lives. She brings her experience as a Stanford Law School lawyer, entrepreneur, and advanced certified coach to help women start and grow side hustles, executives grow leadership skills, and clients navigate challenging life transitions with skill. 

Debra Golden

GoldenStar Wellness

GoldenStar Wellness is a Functional Medicine Health and Wellness Coaching program that starts with a visioning session. Each session thereafter, the client will choose a focal point on which GoldenStar will support . Example foci: lack of confidence; increasing play in your life; reducing screen time; eating healthier; meal planning; consistent exercise routine; sleeping better; spending less money; making big life decisions; controlling emotions; being on time; reducing anxiety and stress; and, so much more. 

business development consultation

Jamie Cole

JCole Communications, LLC


Looking to grow your business? Stand-up a new vertical extension? Finesse customer experience? Attract and retain talent? Jamie Cole has spent 20+ years engaging with businesses to help them thrive.  Jamie's experience spans retail grocery, wellness, pharmaceuticals, CPG, sports marketing and residential summer camps. Through a focused strategic lens, Jamie collaborates with company leadership to achieve meaningful outcomes. 



medical practice consultation

Betsy Drake Noxon

Drake & Co. Medical Practice Consulting

Betsy works with physicians through transitioning them to private ownership so they can find balance in their lives and bring their passion for medicine to their patients. With her 25 years of healthcare administration experience, she helps practices launch their business to be efficient and patient centered. She treats clients like family and understands the ins and outs of practice ownership. She's proud to help businesses be more proactive rather than reactive to limit their risk and offer peace of mind.


financial consultation

Rebecca Bar-Shann



legal consultation

Susan Stone and Kristina Super

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