I got an email from my friend and yoga instructor about a women's retreat. Right off the bat "women's retreat" made me twitch. I am not "that woman."  It brought to mind chanting circles in the grass and food cooked over a Bunsen burner filled with women I would have nothing in common with. "Crunchy" women, you know what I mean. After a few weeks I went back and re-read the email and looked at the website again. My friend, Ali is not "that girl" either, so I was intrigued. I looked at the facebook posts and didn't see anything scary. There was no howling at the moon or macramé. What I did see was a bunch of women who seemed to enjoy each other. Some who looked like me, some who didn't.

One day when I was feeling particularly put upon, when I felt like the "to-do lists" included everyone in my family but me, I went back to the website and registered for what would turn out to be one of the best experiences of my adult life! No joke.    


Meet Beth

When I think of breathe, I think of...


...the freedom to do as much or little as I want without judgment (and the fabulous healthy food). 


...freedom with lots of options (paddle board, yoga, ab workout!) to do or eat (Kale or Kale free!) but no pressure to do anything.The other attendees - smart, fun women that were really enjoyable to be around. Lynne and Jamie made it easy to just be myself.


...the hammocks with views of the calm lake. 


...authenticity, rejuvenating activities, effervescent joy with a twist of laughter, and time to evaluate living life on purpose.  


...SUP, laughter, hiking, fun ladies, kale, breathe, AHHH!!

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